Montgomery County Public Schools
Special Education Advisory Committee
April, 1998


The name of this organization shall be Montgomery County Special Education Advisory Committee.


Section 1         Assist in the formulation and development of long-range plans which will provide services needed for persons with disabilities.

Section 2         Submit recommendations to the School Board of unmet needs in the education of persons with disabilities.

Section 3         Review annually the Special Education Annual Plan and Application for Federal Funding thirty (30) calendar days prior to submission to the School Board.

Section 4         Specific functions of the Committee shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

 1.         Submit recommendations regarding education of children with disabilities through the Superintendent to the local School Board.

 2.         Submit an annual report through the Superintendent to the School Board.


Section 1         Committee will recommend to the Superintendent prospective members.  Prospective members may be asked to submit background information reflecting their qualifications to serve on the Committee.

Section 2         Membership shall consist of, but not be limited to, persons with disabilities, parents of persons with disabilities, representatives from civic organizations, business or industry, or any public agency concerned with the care of persons of disabilities.

Section 3         The Committee size shall not be less than five (5) or more than fifteen (15).

Section 4         If a member wishes to resign, it is requested that a written resignation be submitted.  If a member does not attend for one year, and does not give advance notice to the Chairperson of their inability to attend meetings, the Committee will recommend that the member be removed from the Committee and that another be appointed.

Section 5        Montgomery County school division personnel shall only serve as consultants to the Committee.


Section 1         The Advisory Committee shall meet at least quarterly during the academic school year and prepare a calendar of meetings by the beginning of each school year.  All meetings are open to the public.

Section 2         Rules of Procedures:

a.         A simple majority of appointed voting members shall constitute a quorum for conducting SEAC business.

b.         The Secretary shall ascertain if a quorum is present, when an official meeting is called to order.

c.         In the event that a quorum is not present, any votes on questions can be set aside to be considered individually or en bloc later, when a quorum has materialized.
d.         A majority vote of a quorum is required for passage of motions.

e.         Votes will be held in public, by voice of Aye or Nay, or a raise of hands, except in such cases where a quorum cannot be attained at a regularly scheduled meeting or the committee and, in the Chair’s discretion, a matter of business needs to be acted upon before the next scheduled meeting.  In such cases, the Chair may call for a vote in a special meeting wherein a quorum would be required

Section 3         A meeting notice will be provided at least annually in print to the local media, through the Parent Resource Center and via MCPS website.


Section 1         The principal officers shall be a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary.

Section 2         The term of elected office shall be for one school year.

Section 3         The Chairperson shall preside at Advisory Committee meetings.

Section 4         The Vice Chairperson, in the absence of the Chairperson, shall serve.

Section 5         The Secretary shall be responsible for seeing that the following is maintained:

                        1.         Record of all meetings.
                        2.         Minutes of all meetings.
                        3.         Roll call.
                        4.         Meeting notices.


Section 1         To function according to regulations, policies, and procedures established by the Montgomery County School Board and State Board of Education.


Section 1         Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of business of the Montgomery County Special Education Advisory Committee.


Any proposed amendment to these bylaws shall be submitted to the membership of the Committee not less than thirty (30) days prior to any meeting of the Committee at which action is contemplated.  A proposed amendment shall become a part of the bylaws by a quorum vote at any legally constituted meeting of the Committee.

Adopted by the Montgomery County Special Education Advisory Committee on October 19, 1992.

Updated:  April, 1998
Revised:  April, 2007
Revised:  February, 2008
Revised:  April 28, 2009