Car Rider Procedures

(updated August 7, 2017)

Dear AES Families,                                                                                     

We need your help! In an effort to make our afternoon dismissal and car rider line run smoothly, we are encouraging ALL families to pick up students through the car rider line and not through the front office. We also ask that you assist us with the following:

  • When the first car rider line fills up, please begin to fill up the second car rider line (parallel to the tennis courts.) Do NOT block the road to be in the first car rider line. (SEE MAP)
  • Please allow the first car rider line to completely empty before the second car rider line begins to move forward.
  • Do not cross the double yellow lines coming into the school. The Sheriff’s Department may write a summons if they witness a violation of this law!  
  • Please stay in the car rider line and follow it around to the gym where there are 4 orange traffic cones set up. Students will be waiting in the gym until they are told which number cone to report to. Students will be helped into cars ONLY from these cones. Please remain in your vehicle- teachers are there to assist students into the passenger’s side of the vehicle.
  • Please work with your child to learn how to buckle his/her seatbelt! Child safety seats and booster seats are required for all children until their 8th birthday. (Code of Virginia Article 13- Section 46.2-1095)
  • In the event that your child is not yet in the gym when we call for him/her, we ask that you pull up past the first cone to wait
  • For student safety, anyone picking up a child may be asked to provide identification.

The safety of our children is our biggest responsibility. We are asking that you make afternoon plans for your children before they leave home if at all possible. If your afternoon plans change in the course of the day and you must call, please make sure you contact us BEFORE 2:00pm so that we can get your child to the correct location. We do understand that emergencies sometimes happen; however, receiving phone calls after 2:00pm makes it difficult to get the message to your child because some classes are on the playground and other children have end-of-the-day jobs.

We can keep our children safe with your help! We appreciate your help and support in this matter.


AES Faculty and Staff