Second Grade


Children begin to refine reading skills in second grade, focusing on the love of reading, as well as strengthening comprehension strategies. Strategies are taught using articles, graphics, and fiction and nonfiction books. Children learn to love writing and express themselves by working with strategies taught and modeled using the Lucy Calkins' Units of Study writing workshop model.

Students become more fluent with basic addition and subtraction facts so that higher-level problems can be solved easily. Second graders benefit from a lot of practice with counting coins and telling time.

Second graders learn more about our world by reading about, writing about, and viewing videos on Ancient Egypt and China, American Indians, several famous Americans, maps and globes, plant and animal life cycles, magnets, matter, animal adaptations, and cultural diversity in our country.

Technology skills are a necessity in the 21st century. Our students work in the Literacy Lab weekly.  

Second graders enjoy special days, including occasional pajama days (all-day reading), a Dr. Seuss celebration, station days with different activities in each room related to a unit of study, and field trips.