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Our A.E.S. reading specialists are dedicated teachers who work with small groups of students to improve their reading skills.The reading program is funded by two different sources - Title I federalfunds and Montgomery County monies. These funds make it possible forour specialists to work with students in grades K-3.

Currently, we have three "Title I" reading teachersand one county reading teacher. The Title I teachers are alsoresponsible for providing the international program, Reading Recovery, which is a one-on-one teaching service for first graders who need extra help with their reading development.

Another key component of the A.E.S.reading program is to provide opportunities for parental involvement inliteracy activities. Several events are offered throughout the year tohelp parents become more aware of the important roles they play in theirchildren's literacy development.

Our reading teachers:

Dana Joyce

Tammy Kirtner

Lisa Miller

Ann Mumaw