Websites for Home
Free resources you can use at home!

 Scholastic  Storyline Online
 Mystery Science 
Fluency and Fitness (Good for K-2)
Kesler Science 
Switcheroo Zoo
 Nat Geo for Kids
Into the Book
 ABC YA  Highlights Kids

Fun Brain
Soft Schools
 Brain Pop
 Squiggle Park
 Room Recess  Brain Pop, Jr. (Good for PK-3)

AAA Spell 
 Starfall (PK-3)

ABC Mouse PK-K (30 day Free Trial)

 Kids Discover  
Time Magazine for Kids

 Go Noodle for Families

Virtual Field Trips
Art for Kids Hub
 Learning A-Z

Speech Links from Ms. Klein 

Online Fun for Articulation:

Custom Bingo Cards: (choose words/pictures with your child's target sound)

Do 2 Learn (songs for speech sounds):

Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry4Kids: (read the silly poems using best speech sounds)

Lonn Swanson’s online artic games:

Mrs. Ramsay's online games (all pictures for non-readers):

Quia - mixed articulation and language games:

Tongue Twisters:  (practice the ones that contain your child's speech sound)

Tracey Boyd’s online artic games:

Very Silly Tongue Twisters:

Wacky Web Tales: (have your child use words with their target sound to complete the stories)

Word Dice game: (scroll past the first few games to get to "Word Dice"; use words with your child's sound and have them say the words that are rolled)

Speech - How can I help my child at home?