We have several people in the main office. Mrs. Kim Rygas is the principal and Mrs. Megan Hawley is the assistant principal. Mrs. Carolyn Jones is the administrative assistant and Mrs. Melissa Lester is our part-time clerical aide. Both of these ladies keep our school running like a well oiled-machine.  

Our school counselors also have an office together and can be contacted through the front office.




We have been given a tremendous responsibility and honor as educators. We are charged with educating children, one of the most noble and rewarding professions. The staff, administration, and faculty at Auburn are fully committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for each child under our charge. We hold the firm belief that each child can learn and has considerable value to contribute to our school and community. We also possess the firm conviction that is our duty, responsibility, and privilege to ensure that each child is able to reach his or her potential.

We will be diligent in our efforts to help each child experience considerable growth and success at our school. We will do everything within our power to help each child grow socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. We will measure our success by determining whether or not our children grow up to be productive citizens, responsible employees, honest individuals, faithful friends, good mothers and fathers, and respectful sons and daughters.


Kim Rygas


[email protected]

Megan Hawley

Assistant Principal

[email protected]

Carolyn R. Jones

Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Melissa Lester

Clerical Aide

[email protected]


Amanda Moss

School Nurse

[email protected] 

Caitlin Raines ITRT [email protected] 
Natasha Pappas  Elementary Coach  [email protected]
Paige Walters Tiered Specialist [email protected] 
Deputy Whittany Pyles School Resource Officer
[email protected]