Third Grade

3 The Auburn Elementary third grade team collaborates to intentionally address the needs of all individuals so that each student can achieve their maximum potential. We work together to create rigorous and engaging instruction for students in an effort to prepare for their first year of SOL testing. We plan and align all of our lessons to division pacing guides and Virginia Standards of Learning. In math, students learn to round, compare, order, add, subtract, and identify the place and value of six-digit numbers. They also learn to multiply and divide, find area and perimeter of figures, tell time to the nearest minute, count money up to five dollars, and identify and compare fractions. In reading, we use a program called Benchmark Universe. This program has 10 units and covers phonics, reading, writing, and grammar. In third grade reading there is an emphasis on reading comprehension of fiction and nonfiction texts. Our third grade teachers stay in constant communication with families and are available via phone and email. We are looking forward to a great year!

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