Angela Smith, Gifted Resource Teacher

Gifted services at Auburn Elementary School include a K-5 gifted program and a K-3 Talent Pool. Students are identified for placement in either program using multiple criteria. At this time, in Montgomery County, students can be identified as gifted in the specific academic areas of language arts and mathematics. Talent Pool placement means that a student shows advanced-learning characteristics and is placed in a learning environment where those talents can be given time to develop. Each Talent Pool placement is reviewed for gifted identification during the student’s fourth grade year.

Nominations for gifted placement can come from teachers, as well as parents, or, in some cases, students themselves. You can express your interest in making a gifted nomination by contacting the Mrs. Smith. After the nomination, the identification process includes: parent and teacher checklists, portfolio items from school and home, a student interview, teacher observation, and standardized aptitude and achievement testing. In order to complete this process during the current school year, referrals need to be received by February 1. However, the identification and placement of students is a continuous process.

Your gifted resource teacher at Auburn Elementary is Angela Smith. As a "resource teacher" she is a resource for classroom teachers, working closely with them to enrich, expand, and differentiate the curriculum for identified students in grades K-5. Her duties also include screening, evaluation, and identification of gifted students, along with providing in-class collaboration and pullout services to gifted and talent pool students. Additionally, Mrs. Smith is available as a resource for teachers, parents and families. Feel free to contact Mrs. Smith throughout the year with any questions or for further information. Her email address is:

[email protected] and she has voicemail at 381-6565.

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